Get Involved

Throughout the development of the Mobility Plan, your participation and feedback is critical to us. Since Fall of 2011, we have been out to over 90 public community meetings throughout the city (including meetings we’ve held: 4 public workshops during Spring of 2012 and our 2 scoping meetings during Spring of 2013, 7 regional planning forums in Spring of 2014), implemented an online town hall to hear from those who don’t have the time to go to traditional meetings, and worked with various agencies, nonprofits, and community groups.

You can plug into the Mobility Plan at any time on your own by downloading our outreach packet below. There’s a brief info sheet about the project, our goals and policies, and action programs list that will go into the planning document.

Goals and Policies List

Action Plan Programs


Please leave your contact info in Contact Us.

Online Town Hall

As one way of expanding the number and diversity of stakeholders we have introduced an on-line town hall through The first phase of the town hall extended from November 7, 2011 – January 30, 2012 and February 2, 2012-October 2012. These two rounds of online conversation provided an opportunity for community members to share thoughts and opinions about the streets of Los Angeles. The discussion opened again August 2013 to get feedback on the action plan program list. As of Feb 2015, the website contract has ended its term after three years of online participation. As we reach our final stages of the Mobility Plan project, please feel free to engage us through other venues, like this blog, phone, or email. As always, you can stay up to date by reading our new blog posts to find out where we are in the project timeline.

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