Think Lab – Round 1

On February 25 and March 3, 2012, the Departments of City Planning and Transportation held community workshops in different neighborhoods across the City: Van Nuys, the Miracle Mile, Downtown, and Pacoima. These Think Labs, as they were called, encouraged participants to explore L.A.’s existing mobility system through a gallery of maps that convey key information about the City’s streets and demographics. Community members also shared ideas that complement those submitted onto LA/2B’s online Town Hall and will feed into the development of the City’s Complete Streets Network as well as the Mobility Element’s goals, objectives, policies, and programs.

Materials for each Think Lab station can be downloaded below:

Comment Sheet (All Stations)

Station A: Explore LA’s Mobility System

This station is a collection of maps and figures created by the Mobility Plan team as part of the initial process of envisioning a comprehensive network of Complete Streets. The visualized data helps string together the complexities that factor into the mobility system of a large and populous City. The factors at play for a mobility system go beyond just the transportation system and structure; they also include demographic, land use, geographic, and lifestyle elements. Together these illustrate the many challenges faced but also present an equal number of exciting opportunities.

To show or hide individual map layers, “Save Link As…” and open with Adobe Reader (View > Navigation Panels > Layers).

L.A.’s Transportation Network
Commuter Mode Choice
Population Density
Demographics & Land Use
A Polycentric City
Intersection Density
Transit Network Usage
Arterial Network Volumes
Roadway Capacity
Roadway Collisions

Station B: Treat Your Streets

With the Complete Streets Network, certain streets will receive enhancements that favor a particular mode. Participants at this station voted for street features they would like to see most for a bicycle, transit, pedestrian, and vehicle emphasis street.

Network Planning Principles
Street Features Glossary

Station C: Shape Your Future (

Just as on the online Town Hall, participants at this station identified streets they used for short trips and long trips, as well as their community’s main street.

Ideas Report
Mapping Activity

Imagine Your Ideal Street

Participants envisioned their street in 2050 with this interactive planning activity featuring James Rojas.

More Images


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