“Great Streets, Great Neighborhood” Activity Kit

To ensure participation from as many Angelenos as possible, this summer we sent an activity kit to over 100 neighborhood councils and organizations. This pen-and-paper outreach was meant to supplement the dialogue or our online town hall, and included a series of brief exercises to help you and your neighbors give input toward the development of the draft goals, objectives, policies, and programs of the Mobility Element, which will be presented later this fall for public review.  Check out the toolkit materials here, and see a full list of who we mailed them to here.

LA/2B Challenge: Create an itinerary for your ideal car free day in LA 

In June, we wrapped up our Create an itinerary for your ideal car free day in LA challenge through our partnership with GOOD/CORP. A big congratulations to Elizabeth Gallardo for winning the challenge! Read more about it here.

Town Hall

As one way of expanding the number and diversity of stakeholders we have introduced an on-line town hall through The first round of the town hall extended from November 7, 2011 – January 30, 2012 and provided an opportunity for community members to share thoughts and opinions about the streets of Los Angeles.

Our online town hall ( will be going dark until mid-November, when we will reactivate the site with new conversations. Until then, follow our blog for updates on our next steps and presentations of the main issues that emerged from the ideas we’ve received.

Public Workshops

While we are very excited about the new town hall format we still value the importance of face to face gatherings. We held our first round of Think Lab workshops on  Saturday, February 25, 2012 and March 3, 2012. Find all of our workshop materials here.

4 Responses to Archives

  1. C Young says:

    Los Angeles has a lot of potential as a bike friendly city: good climate, lots of wider boulevards, and lots of relatively flat areas. I am very excited to see the new bike lane experiment on Spring street. Let’s get some more! How about some more north-south bike lanes on the westside? I am new to city riding and I tried riding from eastern Santa Monica to Mar Vista via Barrington….a harrowing experience that I won’t do again- unless I have a death wish. On the other hand, riding east west in Santa Monica is a pleasure. MORE GREEN LANES PLEASE!

  2. sahra says:

    When will you be holding outreach sessions in South LA? So many people in that area are not online.

    • lacityplanning says:

      We are planning to hold public workshops in the fall in various locations around the City (TBD) to present the results of the “Great Streets, Great Neighborhoods” Activity Kit outreach. The Activity Kits have been sent to each neighborhood council, including those in South LA. We are also working with our community partners in South LA on outreach.

      • sahra says:

        great. if you could somehow keep me in the loop with regard to that process, i would appreciate it. i write for streetsblog and work with a number of community groups in the south LA area that i know would be interested in being a part of the process. thanks!

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