About the Project

What is LA/2b?

LA/2B is a platform dedicated to promoting how the City of LA and community groups are implementing the goals and objectives of the Mobility Plan 2035. Thus, this site will be continuously updated with information about the latest mobility-related news and statistics as well as projects, programs, and events that support the plan’s transportation, equity and environmental justice, technology, public space, green street, and public safety initiatives.

What is the Mobility Plan? 

It is a comprehensive revision of the 1999 City of Los Angeles Transportation Element of the General Plan that provides the policy foundation for achieving a transportation system that balances the needs of all road users. The Plan is intended to guide the City’s mobility decisions through year 2035. The Plan comes with supporting documents that will further align the City’s street standards, processes, and procedures with the goals of the proposed Plan. If you would like more information about the Mobility plan, please visit our FAQs and Documents page.