News Update!

Latest News: Mobility Plan 2035 was Adopted!

On January 20, 2016, City Council adopted the amended Mobility Plan 2035! Thank you again to everyone who has supported the plan for the past months and years. Your support helped push this plan all the way through to adoption.

Be sure to check on this site,, for information on featured programs, projects, and other information to demonstrate how we are implementing the plan.

Featured Key Statistic: What Vision Zero Found about Injuries from Walking and Biking in LA


More information about Vision Zero and other statistics can be found at

Follow Vision Zero @VisionZeroLA

Featured Project: Scramble Crosswalk at Hollywood and Highland

At Hollywood and Highland on November 15, LADOT and City Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell, 2015 celebrated a new scramble crosswalk, a crossing system that stops all vehicular traffic for 44 seconds and allows pedestrians from any street corner to cross in any direction simultaneously. The installation will surely benefit the site as it is one of the busiest intersections in the city and attracts an influx of tourists strolling through tourist shops and attractions along Hollywood Blvd. The City also expects this new crossing system to realize a significant drop in collisions between those walking and driving and improve the perception of safety on the street.




Watch the crosswalk in action onGreat Street’s twitter page (

If you have any other questions about how this scramble crosswalk will function, please refer to the image below.

Scramble Crosswalk Infographic

Also, for more information about this project and other scramble crosswalks in Los Angeles, please check out the following articles:

Spread the word about this safety upgrade at #HollywoodScramble.

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