The Mobility Plan Goes to the Planning Commission on May 28th




Over here in City Planning, we’re working hard to assemble the many final components of the Mobility Plan 2035. For those of you just tuning in, the Mobility Plan is an element of the City’s General Plan, and this update is the culmination of four years of gathering information, drafting goals, revising, and revising some more. We wouldn’t be at this point if it weren’t for the generous contributions and support from stakeholders like you – citizens, residents, neighborhood groups, organizations, businesses, and the many public servants of the City of Los Angeles.

We may be in the home stretch, but we’re not there quite yet.  The Plan is currently scheduled to go to the City Planning Commission on Thursday, May 28th at the Van Nuys City Hall. See the calendar for event details. We hope to see you there!

The staff report, and Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) will all be available on the website by May 14th, but the new revised Plan and Complete Street Design Guide are available now. Previous plan drafts along with the Draft EIR, Recirculated EIR and other supporting documents can all be found in the documents page.

The Mobility Plan is an update to the City’s current 1999 Transportation Element, a state mandated element of the General Plan, and it also incorporates updates from the citywide 2010 Bicycle Plan. The Plan is also a response to AB 1358, the Complete Streets Act, which was adopted by the California State Legislature in 2008. AB 1358 requires local jurisdictions to “plan for a balanced, multimodal transportation network that meets the needs of all users of streets, roads, and highways defined to include motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists, children, persons with disabilities, seniors, movers of commercial goods and users of public transportation in a manner that is suitable to the rural, suburban or urban context.” Los Angele’s Mobility Plan 2035 incorporates these “complete street” principles and provides a foundation of policies for how future generations of Angelenos will interact with their streets.

Mobility Plan 2035 includes five goals that define the City’s high-level mobility priorities:

  1. Safety First
  2. World Class Infrastructure
  3. Access for All Angelenos
  4. Collaboration, Communication and Informed Choices
  5. Clean-Environments and Healthy Communities

Ultimately, this Plan is intended to guide the City and other agencies in making decisions about how to allocate our scarce resources when it comes to mobility improvements. . The policies located throughout the Plan are interrelated and should be considered together – holistically. As this long and rewarding process comes to a close, it’s good to remind ourselves that this Plan is a living document, a working guide that will help us make sound transportation decisions in the future as our city continues to mature and evolve.

For questions or comments about the Plan and/or the approval process please contact either Claire Bowin,, 213,978.1213 or My La,, 213.978.1194

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