Planning Commission Meeting Highlights

Thanks to everyone who took the time to make it to the meeting early this morning to provide your comments! For the many who couldn’t make it, amendments to the Plan were introduced on the floor based on comments we’ve heard since the CPC documents were released two weeks ago. Those amendments can be downloaded here: Plan Amendments for CPC Nov 2014. All these revisions and public comments made today at Commission will be reflected in the next version of the Plan.

The Planning Commission expressed general support for the Plan and asked the item to be continued so that we can go back to them with an accompanying implementation strategy that calls out specific action items to be phased over the next five years that get us to the goals and objectives called out in the Plan. The Planning Commission scheduled the Mobility Plan to come back in February with the strategy document and then back again in April when the Final EIR is expected to be completed.

As always, please feel free to contact the Mobility team with any questions. My La (213-978-1194, & Claire Bowin (213-978-1213,

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