City Planning Commission Hearing Scheduled and Revisions to the Municipal Code on Street Design Standards

The Mobility Plan is currently scheduled for a public hearing with the City Planning Commission on November 20, 2014 and as a companion to this effort, the Planning Department proposes modifications to portions of the Los Angeles Municipal Code: L.A.M.C. 17.05 Design Standards. These revisions can be found on the main City Planning website linked here.

On November 6, 2014, two weeks before the City Planning Commission hearing, the Mobility Plan final draft and staff report will be released. The final draft will reflect changes based on comments received from the public and other city departments. The staff report will address comments received on the Plan during the draft Plan’s public comment period as well as summarize the entire process of the Mobility Plan.

There will be additional opportunities in the future to weigh in again when the Plan gets presented at City Council’s subcommittees : Planning Land Use Meeting (PLUM), Transportation Committee, and finally City Council.

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4 Responses to City Planning Commission Hearing Scheduled and Revisions to the Municipal Code on Street Design Standards

  1. Salts says:

    Can you break down main points and significant proposals for us dummies that don’t want to and can’t read dense planner-speak documents? This would help us weigh in meaningfully.

    • LA/2B Staff says:

      Salts, the main points of the changes being made to the municipal code are summarized in the fact sheet linked in the blog post above. In general, changes to the code are being made to ensure that street design is more safe and comfortable for multiple modes. Additions like making cul-de-sacs open to pedestrian/bicycle movement and making commercial block lengths a comfortable walking distance for pedestrians shopping around a neighborhood retail center for instance are being proposed. These proposed revisions will be taken to Planning Commission along with the final draft of the Plan.

  2. Joe Linton says:

    Is the city still releasing the new document the day after tomorrow? I am hoping to write an article about it… Where will it be available? Any guess as to what time of day? Thanks! (I am sure it’s a lot of work to finalize this version.)

    • LA/2B Staff says:

      Hi Joe, the documents will be released Thursday morning. It will be available here and on the City Planning Dept webpage.

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