Parking/Loading Zones + Support Features | action plan program series

Bike corrals installed on York Blvd.  Photo Credit:  LADOT Bike Blog, via Cafe de Leche Blog

Bike corrals installed on York Blvd.
Photo Credit: LADOT Bike Blog, via Cafe de Leche Blog

Congratulations! You’ll be happy to know that we are in the home stretch of our Action Plan program series. Our final two categories are Parking/Loading Zones and Support Features. Both topics focus on adding, removing, or restyling elements of the right-of-way in order to accommodate travel for both motorized and non-motorized modes of transportation.

Parking is an issue for all cities. It is something Angelenos have held near and dear, yet nowadays, most of us are willing to part with a few spaces (in select areas) to include bicycle facilities, dedicated BRT lanes, or a neighborhood parklet. However, this does not mean that parking will slowly disappear. Instead, these programs call for the strategic planning of existing and future parking in the City.  Incorporating tools such as Express Park, demand-based meter pricing, shared parking, and reductions in parking requirements near transit stations ensures that an area does not have an oversupply of parking and recognizes that people can and will use other means of transportation.

Our final category, Support Features, consists of programs that address the individual components of the street and sidewalk. Elements such as additional bicycle racks on buses, amenities at transit stations, bicycle parking, appropriate signage marking key destinations, and adequate pedestrian/bicycle lighting are easily forgotten and overlooked. But they are the details that make a space a place and distinguish a high speed vehicle corridor from a pedestrian-friendly street. As we shift our focus away from single-occupancy vehicles to multi-modal systems, we need to make sure that our roads and sidewalks are equipped with amenities and features that let users know that all users (pedestrians, bicycles, transit, and cars) are welcome.

Pedestrian-friendly street in Westwood Village. Photo Credit: A. Wee

Pedestrian-friendly street in Westwood Village.
Photo Credit: A. Wee

You can participate in this online discussion by visiting and selecting the “Parking/Loading Zones” and “Support Features” topics.  In each topic, you can rate each of the programs (love it, like it, it’s okay, or neutral), and click on the program for a more complete description and to leave comments, ask questions or suggest new programs. You can also download a complete list of the programs under Parking/Loading Zones and Support Features on our Documents page. Remember, all 17 topics will remain open for comments until the end of September.

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