Land Use + Planning + Public Space + Schools | action plan program series

Sunset Triangle Plaza at Griffith Park Blvd. and Edgecliffe Dr. Photo Credit:

Sunset Triangle Plaza: Griffith Park Blvd. 
Photo Credit:

Taking a page from our previous post on coordination and integration, our program categories this week include Land Use, Planning, Public Space, and Schools. While much of our earlier posts have focused on the proposed transportation improvements and the impact on the right-of-way, these topics take a step back and examine the existing/future built environment along network corridors.

The programs outlined under Planning lay out networks, corridors, and zones that are to be created or encouraged. On the other hand, the programs under Land Use, Public Space, and Schools call for greater consideration into improving the connections between the networks and the adjacent uses or destinations.

The City’s proposed layered network of “complete streets” relies on diverse transportation corridors that connect commercial activity, transit centers, public spaces, major destinations, and communities. Pedestrian access is central to these discussions because people are the primary users of the sidewalk, bikeways, transit, vehicles, and land uses along these corridors. Increasing pedestrian access does not end with the sidewalk. It goes beyond the paved surface of the street, including features such as adequate lighting, street trees, benches, trash cans, signage, paved walkways and paths to adjacent uses, transit stops with shaded seating and lighting, adequate bicycle and vehicle parking, and a host of other features that increase safety and invite people to stay and walk a bit.

You can participate in this online discussion by visiting and selecting the “Land Use,” “Planning,” “Public Space,” and “Schools” topics.  In each topic, you can rate each of the programs (love it, like it, it’s okay, or neutral), and click on the program for a more complete description and to leave comments, ask questions or suggest new programs. You can also download a complete list of the programs under Land Use, Planning, Public Space, and Schools on our Documents page. Remember, we will introduce new categories every week and the topics will remain open for comments until the end of September.

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