Funding + Legislation | action plan program series

A view of ROW in Washington, DC that  integrates infrastructure for all users.  Photo Credit: Elvert Barnes Photography

A view of ROW in Washington, DC that integrates infrastructure for all users.
Photo Credit: Elvert Barnes Photography

The next round of programs in our series introduces categories that are often considered to be the most significant obstacles to the full implementation of many projects and plans. Funding and Legislation are perceived as setting restrictions or hard limits, when in fact, they should be utilized as tools to move a project or program forward. The programs in Funding examine the existing structure of transportation funding and identify new strategies for generating revenue (fees, assessments, grants). While the programs in Legislation call for greater recognition of non-motorized modes in official designations, safety considerations, and infrastructure. The programs categorized under Funding and Legislation are important to the realization of the Mobility Element goals and policies because they acknowledge all modes of travel as legitimate users of the road and redefine the  standards by which infrastructure improvement projects are prioritized.

A major hurdle that these programs address is to give equal weight and distribution of funds to all modes of travel. Since the City’s future circulation does not plan exclusively for cars, it is logical that our legislation and funding strategies take on a more holistic approach to transportation funding. Transportation infrastructure consists of a “right-of-way” that is used by pedestrians, bicyclists, transit, and vehicles. However, it is difficult to propose changes to our transportation funding structure without reconsidering the legislation that favors one mode of travel over another. While the Mobility Element impacts the transportation future of the City, these two categories remind us that we are still taking part in the larger (regional, state, and national) discussion of transportation funding and laws that govern/set standards for the right-of-way.

You can participate in this online discussion by visiting and selecting the “Funding” and “Legislation” topics.  In each topic, you can rate each of the programs (love it, like it, it’s okay, or neutral), and click on the program for a more complete description and to leave comments, ask questions or suggest new programs. You can also download a complete list of the programs under Funding and Legislation on our Documents page. Remember, we will introduce two new categories every week and the topics will remain open for comments until the end of September.

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