Communication + Education | action plan programs series

Photo Credit: NYDOT, ODOT, and LADOT

Photo Credit: NYDOT, ODOT, and LADOT

Key components of any strategy to implement change are the ability to get the word out and to get community members involved. As such, the programs under Communication identify various media platforms by which transportation information can be shared and disseminated: TV, radio, 311/telephone, internet, and signage. These platforms allow transit providers and transportation agencies to share current and live information with users in the form of a smartphone app, interactive map, or real-time transit arrival sign at stations/stops. Wayfinding signs are also important to communicating transit connections, bikeways, and destinations to all users. The programs under Education focus on campaigns, outreach efforts, and strategies to provide information about safety (for all users) and alternative modes of travel. In addition, this category identifies training programs for police officers and transit operators and encourages public agencies to plan/prepare for the changing mobility patterns of users.

As you read through the Programs List, you may notice that the main objectives of programs under Communication and Education often overlap or share similar qualities. Both categories rely heavily on interacting with and engaging the public in order to keep users aware of new safety measures, training programs, and transportation options (i.e. roadway safety program, bike to work week). Creating more opportunities for public interaction and education increases the effectiveness of transportation improvements across all modes of travel by equipping users and providers with the tools and training to make the complete streets network a viable future for the City.

You can participate in this online discussion by visiting and selecting the “Communication” and “Education” topics. In each topic, you can rate each of the programs (love it, like it, it’s okay, or neutral), and click on the program for a more complete description and to leave comments, ask questions or suggest new programs. You can also download a complete list of the programs under Communication and Education on our Documents page. Remember, we will introduce two new categories every week and the topics will remain open for comments until the end of September.

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