Analysis + Data | action plan program series

Photo Credit: Pavel Losevsky

Photo Credit: Pavel Losevsky

The current and future performance and efficiency of our transportation networks and City’s mobility relies heavily on the collection and analysis of accurate, timely, and relevant data. Many of the programs under Analysis rely on examining and modifying existing performance criteria, strategies, calculations, and mitigations in order to increase access and improve transportation infrastructure. In the same way, the programs under Data depend on existing databases and information. These programs propose an integrated approach by which databases managed by separate public agencies and private or nonprofit organizations are consolidated or shared in order to identify data needs.

While “Analysis” and “Data” are separate categories in the Plan, the programs work hand in hand to determine appropriate strategies: to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and vehicle miles traveled, mitigate traffic and environmental impacts, and encourage land use and right of way improvements for non-motorized travel. Both categories are also important to providing information and data that can be analyzed and studied for future transportation improvements and mitigation strategies.

You can participate in this online discussion by visiting and selecting “Analysis” and “Data” topics. In each topic, you can rate each of the programs (love it, like it, it’s okay, or neutral), and click on the program for a more complete description and to leave comments, ask questions or suggest new programs. You can also download a complete list of the programs under Analysis and Data on our Documents page. Remember, we will introduce two new categories every week and the topics will remain open for comments until the end of September.

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