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Starting this Friday, over the next several weeks we will be asking members of the community to look at, comment on, and help prioritize programs proposed for the Mobility Element’s Action Plan, through our online town hall. The programs in the Action Plan will help further the goals and policies of the Mobility Element and have been organized into 17 categories: Analysis, Data, Communication, Education, Enforcement, Engineering, Funding, Land Use, Legislation, Maintenance, Management, Operations, Parking/Loading Zones, Planning, Public Space, Schools, and Support Features. Programs adopted in the 2010 Bicycle Plan are included in the Action Plan since the 2010 Bicycle Plan is a chapter of the Mobility Element.

These programs are the result of our outreach efforts over the past year that include: public meetings, workshops, taskforce meetings, Think Labs, and the Great Streets Great Neighborhoods Toolkit. Applicable implementation programs from the City’s 1999 Transportation Element have also been included.

For those of you who may be wondering, “What is a program and what does it do,” here’s a quick breakdown:

The Mobility Element is organized into Goals, Policies, and Programs. Goals are the broadest expressions of the community’s overall vision for the City’s transportation and mobility future; they are focused on long-term realization of the Plan. Policies are statements that set a preferred course of action to advance community values expressed in the goals; they reflect choices and decisions regarding how goals will be carried out. Programs are specific actions that will carry out the Plan in the short-term and are defined by measurable benchmarks and assessment tools; they are important to the incremental achievement of the Plan’s goals and policies.

Since there is currently limited funding to implement the entire list of programs, we are asking the public to help prioritize them. All the programs cannot be implemented at once, so it is important that participants identify those that address pressing issues and concerns. We anticipate that the Plan would include all the Programs, but that each year we will recommend to Council which programs should be acted upon in the upcoming year.

We encourage all members of the community to participate in the polls/survey at our online town hall:; new polls will be added on a weekly basis. You will be able to download the program list (by category) of the proposed Action Plan on our Documents page; the documents will be posted on a weekly basis to correspond to the poll topics of our online town hall. If the online town hall format isn’t your thing, you can send your comments through email, a phone call, or mail as well.

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  1. While making any City Transportation plan, People’s safety and their needs should be taken into consideration first. Considering the above mentioned mobility elements things can really go well in the near future.

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