Enhanced Networks Maps

After reviewing a number of comments and suggestions received from agencies and the public during our scoping meetings, our project website, and submitted comments, we have come up with a revised set of maps for the proposed Enhanced Networks (BEN, TEN, VEN). You will notice that some streets have been added or removed from the networks, but overall the networks are largely unchanged. The proposed Network Maps include 2 scenarios of enhancements along the same routes, that vary only in the degree of treatments being proposed (Scenario 2 presents a more forward thinking network).

Vehicle Enhanced Network: minor revisions, Olympic was extended west.

Bicycle Enhanced Network: additional streets added and routes were re-worked to better enhance network connectivity.

Transit Enhanced Network: additional streets added in the Valley and Northeast parts of the City.

These maps will be used in the Environmental Impact Report analysis to determine the potential impacts of the proposed networks. You can view and download all the maps on our Documents page.

Overall, the comments submitted ranged from support to the maps being proposed, recommended additions and subtractions of streets, consideration as to how the different networks will interact with each other (i.e. bike and transit streets, or pedestrian and auto) and a general concern to keep neighborhoods calm and safe for everyone.

Thanks to input we received, our concept of the PED is evolving and we will have something to share in the near future. Stay tuned for that.

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