RECAP | EIR Scoping Meetings

The City hosted two EIR scoping meetings in the Valley (April 16) and Central area (April 22). These meetings were the first step in initiating the environmental analysis phase of the Mobility Element Update. Both meetings followed the format of an open house with a brief presentation at 6:00 PM. The main purpose of these meetings was to give attendees an opportunity to ask questions and submit comments about the proposed networks and environmental analysis. For those who missed it, you can view the video of the presentation in the blog post just before this one, as well as download all the meeting materials here:

Many participants voiced their concern with the Vehicle-Enhanced Network (VEN) and the potential safety and traffic issues that may result from these enhancements. However, the VEN will not act as an exclusive roadway for vehicles; just as all the other networks are not exclusive streets for a particular mode. The three networks and pedestrian districts will create a layered network of complete streets that provide more choices and opportunities for all users. The Mobility Element update plans for the next 25 years of the City’s transportation systems and is the framework by which the City’s roadways can be transformed and reimagined.

We also received comments about streets that should be included or taken out of the proposed networks, concerns about the extent of enhancements proposed along busy corridors, and the potential impacts to existing uses and the environment. All these issues will be analyzed and addressed in the draft document and EIR.

Thank you for participating in our scoping meetings and for submitting comments about the environmental analysis and EIR. Your input continues to play a critical role in shaping the Mobility Element and the proposed networks. We’ll be releasing another version of the maps after the comments come in. Remember, the comment period has been informally extended until June 5th for the general public, but the sooner the better. You can mail or email your comments to:

My La
Department of City Planning
200 N. Spring Street
Room 667, MS 395
Los Angeles, CA 90012

We encourage you to check our blog for more updates on the project and future events.

Attendees visit stations to ask questions and submit comments.

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