Task Force Meeting Update

The Mobility Element Task Force met on Friday, January 25, 2013 at City Hall East to discuss the state of the City’s transportation funding. The conversation identified state and federal transportation funding resources and weighed the pros and cons of various local funding options that other jurisdictions have considered.

The main suggestions resulting from the conversation included the following:

  • Identify criteria to prioritize the city’s capital projects, operations and maintenance needs.
  • Consider ever-growing operations and maintenance needs when determining range and scope of future capital projects.
  • Support legislation to reduce voter threshold requirements on transportation and other sales tax initiatives to a simple majority.
  • Establish a graduated annual trip fee that will benefit non-auto modes.
  • Consider a ballot measure to secure funding for dedicated long-term transportation capital, operations and maintenance needs.
  • Establish partnerships and build buy-in from labor groups and other partners.
  • Ensure transportation funding and revenue is allocated based on priorities.

The Mobility Element Team is examining how to incorporate the takeaways from the Task Force meeting into our policy document and next steps. However, many of the strategies discussed will require involvement and leadership from partners beyond the City’s departments. It is exciting to see that dialog around our potential next steps is already happening, as demonstrated by the discussion at Move LA’s Fifth Annual Transportation Conversation.

We’d like to hear your thoughts on funding as wells as on the new vision the Mobility Element will set for our future transportation system.  Our proposals for our goals and policies, the Transit-Enhanced Network, ped enhancements, and the Bicycle-Enhanced Network are available on our project site, la2b.org. Tell us your thoughts on our project page, send us a letter, or join the citywide dialog on our online town hall, ideas.la2b.org

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