Goal: Our Next Steps


“Great Streets, Great Neighborhood” mapping exercise by Pacoima Beautiful

Throughout the past 10 months, we have been coordinating and processing the feedback we’ve received through our online town hall, our spring 2012 Think Labs, and the ongoing  “Great Streets, Great Neighborhoods” Activity Kit outreach. This information has been instrumental in our ongoing staff level work, looking at goals, objectives, and policies language for the Mobility Element; rethinking our City’s street design standards; and conceptualizing a draft Complete Streets Network.  As we near the end of our idea generation phase, we are looking forward to continuing the conversation with you and collectively coming up with some recommendations.

The results are (almost) in

This is not to say that the time for public feedback is ending; rather, we are welcoming a new phase of participation. We’ve had almost 700 Angelenos participate in our ideas.la2b.org online town hall site. We sent over 100 “Great Streets, Great Neighborhoods” Activity Kits to every Neighborhood Council and community groups, and have heard from a number of organizations so far. If your group is still working on the Activity Kit, it’s not too late; we still want to hear from you! As we continue to receive Activity Kits and additional feedback, we will adjust our recommendations accordingly.  As such, any differences between what’s presented in our blog and the draft goals presented for public review this fall will result from your responses during this time.

In the interim

We began to organize the ideas we received into six topic areas of concern to Angelenos. They are safety, access, infrastructure, investments, communication and the environment. Starting next week, we will be presenting the issues surrounding each topic and thinking about what the associated goal could be.

We will also venture into a dialogue about our street design standards – what they are, why they are important, and where we are in our thinking in revamping this important tool.

ideas.la2b.org – We’ll be back soon!

Our online Town Hall (ideas.la2b.org) will be going dark until mid-November, when we will reactivate the site with new conversations. In the interim, we hope you will follow us on our blog regarding our next steps.

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