LA/2B or Not to Be: Community Feedback

The first wave of responses of the “Great Streets, Great Neighborhood” activity kit has been arriving, and we are excited to see what Angelenos all across the city are envisioning for our transportation future. There are ideas ranging from safer streets and faster transit to capital investment and direct routes to the beach.  The majority of the responses we have received show that Angelenos are concerned about transportation in their neighborhoods and have ideas for improvments both local and citywide. We have also received critical feedback and concerns:

“…one thing is missing, and that is streets that promote efficient traffic flow for cars. You can’t expect everyone to give up cars and go to bikes. Older people are not going to get bikes to get around.”

The Mobility Element is not aiming to eliminate the car as a form of transportation, and we are aware that not everyone can or will give up driving. However, there are people who cannot drive or would choose not to drive if they had an alternative. In some areas, it is faster and cheaper to drive. But Angelenos have proven they ready to change that with Measure R and increased investment in transportation.  Our city boasts enormous diversity in population and neighborhood character, and transportation options will be just as diverse to meet differing needs. The ideas circulating on the LA/2B town hall and our community outreach have the potential to improve movement for all Angelenos in all modes of travel throughout the city–part of the very reason we are calling it the Mobility Element instead of the Transportation Element. The Mobility Element is a broad policy framework with objectives to measure how we are meeting the goals and targets set in the document. It will  provide Los Angeles with the potential to make transportation changes as needed to promote a healthy, vibrant, and accessible city–changes that are derived from and approved by the public.

Los Angeles has long been derided for its lack of efficient public transportation and traffic congestion, but is now a national leader for transportation investment and forward thinking. As another comment puts it, “When we focus on a more sustainable Los Angeles, improvements for walkable neighborhoods, increased access to public transit, a safe and enjoyable infrastructure for biking, and reductions in car traffic will follow. Let’s change this city for the better.”

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