Update and FAQ

Last month we began sending out our “Great Streets, Great Neighborhood” activity kit to neighborhood councils and organizations across Los Angeles. We have already received our first response and look forward to hearing from the rest of our community stakeholders as we begin drafting the  goals, objectives, policies and programs of the Mobility Element. We have noticed a few recurring questions and concerns about the activity kit, and would like to address them below:

Has my council or organization received a kit?

A complete list of neighborhood councils and organizations to whom we have sent a kit is available here.  If you have not received your kit, please contact us.

How should the kit be implemented?

The kit can be used at a group or individual level, and is part of our effort to get as much community input as possible for the transportation future of Los Angeles. Each set of exercises is meant to be completed individually, while the map is better suited for a group. Every organization may use the kit at its own discretion, whether it is completed by board members, agendized for council meetings, delegated to a land use or other committee, or distributed to individual neighborhood constituents. We understand that it can be difficult to introduce an activity across your entire neighborhood, so we urge you to participate in whatever way is feasible.

I would like to have a representative give a presentation on the activity kit and/or Mobility Element at our next meeting.

We enjoy working closely with our community stakeholders but must balance our limited resources. To inquire about a presentation or additional information about LA/2B and the Mobility Element, please contact us.

Is there a digital or online copy of the activity kit?

We have made the entire kit available online in both English and Spanish. Check it out here.

I would like more copies for my community.

For additional copies (available in both English and Spanish), please contact us. The entire activity kit is also available online here.

My map does not encompass the entire council area.

Each map is centered around an existing transit station and in most cases, shows a one-mile radius around that station within the council boundaries. Councils with more than one station received a map for each station. Stakeholders can draw on the map or write down specific locations to let us know about their transportation concerns.

My map seems inaccurate or outdated.

If parts of your map seem puzzling, the city database includes streets and features that may exist only on paper, so they will appear on the printed map even if they are different today. Feel free to add your own edits or notes on the map as needed. You may have noticed that we intentionally did not include freeways.

I have a question or concern not addressed here.

Please do not hesitate to contact us! Email Jane Choi at jane.choi@lacity.org or see our Contact Us page for more information. Your feedback and participation is critical to developing the Mobility Element and the future vision of transportation in our city.

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  1. Nate Baird says:

    Reblogged this on LADOT Bike Blog and commented:
    Los Angeles bicyclists! Have you considered getting involved in the City’s efforts to improve and update our guiding transportation document, the Mobility Element? Planning’s activity kit makes it easy to do introduce the process to your local organization or group, or even by yourself.

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