New “Great Streets, Great Neighborhoods” Activity Kit!

We are excited to share our new Activity Kit, a set of exercises for community stakeholders to give their input regarding their neighborhood, community, and mobility. The activities allow community members to 1) share their vision of streets and neighborhoods of the future; 2) rank priorities for streets and mobility; and 3) map their community with positive features, gaps, barriers, and improvements they would like to see. Community feedback will help us formulate goals and programs for the mobile city that Angelenos desire.  Over 100 neighborhood councils and organizations will soon be receiving an Activity Kit, and the kit materials are also available online for download.

Check out the kit here!

Many of the questions we are asking through the Activity Kit are ones we’ve already covered through our town hall. Since not everyone is comfortable with or has access to the online town hall, we’ve taken our outreach to pen and paper to ensure that we create multiple opportunities and avenues for Angelenos to participate in shaping the goals, objectives, policies and programs of the Mobility Element. We will be updating shortly to ask the questions we cover in the Activity Kit that are not already on the online town hall.

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3 Responses to New “Great Streets, Great Neighborhoods” Activity Kit!

  1. sheila ginsberg says:

    I have complained many times to office of Rosendahl-Lin looked at the horrible depressions on my street-Barry near Charnock between Westminister- A year ago my street was covered with that crappy surface they are using these days. Near and in from of my house the surface was not done correctly.It left depressions that fill with water ,insects and leaves.It has only deteriorated since then. All my complaints were ignored- or to be more exact, I was told the city would not repair the horrible job they did. Also called Mr. Horowitz- again I was ignored. They rec ently did the parallel street (Barrington).How hard would it have been to fix the depressions on Barry? But they are completely insensitive and have no regards to insisting on quality work. They just don’t give a damn. Please give me advice. Perhaps pressure from the community might work.I am so disgusted with the reaction of government. Thanks.

  2. sheila ginsberg says:

    Another comment- Inglewood is full of holes and looks like a street in Mexico. Also ,Venice Blvd. from Sawtelle to Centinela is a disgrace. I do not see these types of street in other nice (upper class) areas.Why does Mar Vista get treated with so litle respect? I do not favor breaking up Mar Vista but I agree with the protesters that our streets are horrible. If they could ever separate from L.A. I’d want to do the same, but we all know that is an impossibility.How can we all unify and let L/A. know we are fed up?. How about a law suit to demand our rights?

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