For many Angelenos, the daily commute can feel like a chore. Congestion, and the often long distances between work and home, conspire to make travel an altogether unpleasant experience. At the same time, the weekday commute is among the most routine, consistent, and predictable of trips—all ideal conditions for alternative transportation. The growing number of commuting options, from LADOT Commuter Express shuttles to the ever-expanding rail, rapid bus, and bikeway networks, can help make this daily routine less of a hassle for more and more Angelenos.

Despite these options, nearly two-thirds of commuters still drive solo, about 15% carpool, 11% take transit, and about 5% either walk or bike. To explore this topic of commuting further, we have added our latest online Town Hall question: What recent innovations would improve your daily commute?

We want to hear what ideas you have. What makes your commute work? What doesn’t? How do you typically get to work? We will be paying close attention to your comments as we update our Mobility Element and identify goals, objectives, and policies for the City’s transportation system.

Please be sure to “second” ideas you like, refine them if you can, and submit comments of your own! We want different perspectives of mobility from all Angelenos and welcome your ideas. As always, please share LA/2B with your friends, families, and networks.

Posted 12:17 PM by Michael Sin
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One Response to Commuting

  1. Tom Williams says:

    What recent innovations would improve your daily commute? Kind of dumb question – Recent =??. Innovations?? Improve???shorten, quicken, reduced transfers???
    Increases in number of available MTA bus lines (2>4) and thereby reduced headways and waiting for the bus – DASH bus lines need to be lengthened and headways reduced in order to feed. Filling potholes especially in the outside lanes (right-lanes) has increased travel speeds of buses and reduced swerving by vehicles to avoid potholes
    We are working on WIFIs for buses
    The real commuters for our side is the SanGabriel Valleyians – Our arterial gets 40K/ADT with 5-7% double occupancy and less than 1/3 riderships on MTABuses which is tripled by the time the buses leave our district for downtown.
    Greatest commuter innovation would be to privatize ALL “all-day” parking OR add $25/car space-day fee and make retail shopping fees – FREE for 6
    With transponders and overhead toll bars, we can toll everthing that commute same as on I-110 and I-10..


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