Town Hall

We have had a terrific start to our online Town Hall conversation! In just one week, we have received a flood of comments coming in from hundreds of active and engaged Angelenos with creative ideas on how to improve our streets. This is only the beginning of a dialogue we will be having over the next six months, and we encourage both new and existing members to stay engaged through this online tool to discuss what it means to use our streets for mobility and beyond.

The current discussion topics in the Town Hall revolve around mobility issues and solutions that Angelenos face on a daily basis, with a particular emphasis on streets. The results from these conversations will be reflected in the key goals, objectives, policies, and programs of the City’s Mobility Element policy document and determining appropriate street designations for the layered network. Specifically, the five questions we ask are:

  1. How do you primarily get around today? How would you prefer to travel around in the future?
  2. What is your favorite street and why?
  3. Which LA street(s) represent you as an Angeleno? Why?
  4. What would you like the streets of LA to be used for?
  5. What kind of changes would make streets work better?

Every 4 to 6 weeks, we will provide a new set of questions, which become more targeted and street-specific over time.

The online Town Hall complements the traditional outreach process. Through the online Town Hall, we hope to capture a broader audience of individuals beyond those we have been successful in reaching out to in the past to reflect the diversity of all street users. Just as we have in our diverse Task Force, we would like to involve all stakeholders – including youth, seniors, families, pedestrians, bicyclists, drivers, transit users, goods movers and more. As LA/2B is a citywide project, we welcome input from across Los Angeles, from the the Valley to the Harbor.

LA/2B will be holding (not-so) traditional workshops as well, with the help of the creative team behind These workshops will take place throughout the city beginning January 2012 and will be accompanied by a Streetscape Design Contest held through GOOD Maker.

As part of this Town Hall process, we hope to spark conversations among Angelenos that may eventually turn into action. A discussion of existing transportation options may even begin to shift individual transportation patterns and make a positive impact on mobility. The Town Hall allows members to develop their own ideas that can be further refined by others and ultimately voted for.

In the next coming months, this blog will provide updates on the progress of the Mobility Element project, recap popular comments and discussions, and share information on mobility in Los Angeles. We look forward to leveraging the help of our engaged citizenry, and thank you for your participation.

Posted 3:26 PM by Michael Sin
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One Response to Town Hall

  1. Barbara Nichols says:

    A bus across Mt. Washington would help us to use the Gold line by the SW Museum.
    Thank you.

    Barbara Nichols

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